One of the neat things that the Xbox 360 promises is a more cohesive online experience.  Specifically, you can unlock Achievements, even in offline play, that get reflected in your overall "gamer score".  The whole idea behind this is better matchmaking and a better overall experience playing online.

It sounds great, but (at least to me) there is a major piece missing in practice. In past versions, when someone challenged me in Madden, I could look at a whole slew of stats, including their record, what teams they used, run vs. pass tendencies, etc.

On the 360, all you get is the GamerCard. All I can see are Achievements, which tell me whether, for example, my opponent has even run for 200 yards or passed for 350 yards. It doesn't even tell you how they reached the achievement - was it online or offline? was it on Rookie or All-Madden? were they playing as the Cardinals or the Colts? The only information you can glean from the GamerCard is a broad sense of whether someone has played a game and, maybe, for how long.

I really hope they fix this with a Live Update soon, because it really feels like a major backwards. I'd prefer the detailed game-specific information over the lowest-common-demonominator integration any day.

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