ABC's President of Advertising Sales Mike Shaw would love to disable the fast forward button on DVRs. He reasoned that most get a DVR to time-shift and we don't really care about fast forwarding. Of course, Mike Shaw has a vested interest here.

This is yet another example of businesses trying to resist change and preserve their cash cows instead of embracing and innovating around the inevitable change. Adapt or die.

Some companies get this. Honda is launching 5-second ads to leverage the "jump-back" that most DVRs implement after fast-forwarding (via Dave). Clever indeed - they are paying for a fraction of the time and end up being the only ad that people actually see. (Of course, this doesn't really really help Mike Shaw and the suits at ABC much).

Another way to "disable" fast-forward is to improve advertising. How many people do you know that fast-forward through the Super Bowl commercials?

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