The first episode of TWiL (This Week in Law), Denise Howell's new podcast on the TWiT network, is (finally) out. It is excellent, which should come as no surprise given how good her previous efforts with Bag and Baggage and Sound Policy were. 

This episode features special guest Hank Barry along with a "regular" panel of Cathy Kirkman, Ernie Svenson, John Palfrey. Topics include the YouTube's safe harbor under DMCA, its recent licensing agreements, and the effect those agreements will have on other its competition and copyright reform in general.

The name is somewhat misleading considering it was recorded several weeks ago. There were some audio issues in episode #1 but Denise said they've worked those out for episode #2.

Oh, and hopefully the flat-lining TWiT can find some life after a brief vacation.

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