Starting this Friday, EA and ESPN are making a behind-the-scenes preview of Madden NFL 07 available. Rather than give it away, they are planning on selling it on pay-per-view (yes, through your cable provider) and online for $20.

In a recent Major Nelson podcast, they justified it because, apparently, it includes strategy and tips from some of the best Madden players out there, including their insight into the new features. (I guess they all have been able to put in countless hours on the new game already?).  If it were $1.50 (or even $5.00), I might consider it - but with games that already cost $60, can they really expect us to pay another $20 for this as well?

It seems to me that EA would have been better off putting this out there as a free promotional thing to drum up support after their somewhat lackluster first attempt on Xbox 360. (I know, I know, it was a launch title, this year will be better, but still).  Then again, maybe they figure Madden is a title that sells itself and doesn't need promotion. Still, I think the nominal revenue stream this will bring in (are people really thinking about buying this?!) will pale in comparison to the lost goodwill.

Or maybe I'm just bitter because 1) my EA stock is still down, even after Monday's jump on stronger-than-expected sales and 2) I don't have Madden yet.

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