Kevin is streaming HD video from his XP Media Center Edition to his XBox 360 (via James)

It's a little disappointing that the 360 can't stream video with Windows Media Connec (it does great with music and photos, but not video). My Streamium SL400i does the video thing very well, and it's probably the only reason I haven't moved it from my living room so far.  How does MCE stream the video? Are there any technical reasons why MCE can stream video by WMC can't? (To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if MCE used WMC internally - seems redundant otherwise!). Or is this just a matter of positioning by reserving functionality for Media Center?

It's good to see video is supported though, one way or another. I may just have to rebuild my primary desktop as a Media Center build (even though I don't have a tuner). 

Along these lines - has anyone tried to use 360 + Vista ? Vista Ultimate Edition includes Media Center functionality (the beta is ultimate edition).  I'd be curious to know if the Vista implementation is compatible ... ( Sounds like I have yet another project for when finals are over! )

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