I ordered a package from Amazon and noticed they now have an option for Saturday delivery with Prime. Excellent... What I did not realize at the time is that this ships with DHL.

Every single time something has been shipped to me via DHL, something went wrong.  Once, a Bluetooth module for my M200 showed up in a padded envelope that was quite literally shredded and missing half of the screws. Last time I had something scheduled for Saturday delivery it just never showed up.

And of course, today was no exception. First, I noticed that the package was shipped to Melville, which is about 40 miles from where I live. I called up to find out the status and was assured that, even though the tracking system was not updated, that the package was indeed with the driver. (This was around 2pm EST - the times below are PST).

Needless to say, the package never showed up. I just called up irate after waiting all day for a package that never showed up and the customer service rep told me that there was "a sorting error" and the package went to the wrong facility and was being rescheduled for Monday. Apparently, once it hit Melville, it was never going to show up at my place today.

I would have appreciated a call explaining this. I didn't get one. I might have been ok with it if the first representative explained this instead of assuring me it would show up (and thus being on house arrest waiting for the pacakge since they won't leave it). She didn't. And their "tracking system" continues to report that the package is expected to be delivered today and doesn't reflect the delay.

DHL sucks. I will have to remember to be more careful and never have anything shipped with them again.

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