We already know some of the ads in the Get-A-Mac campaign don't exactly make sense. The latest, "Counselor", seems particularly ironic to me.

In the ad, the Mac says that the PC "is a wizard with numbers and dresses like a gentleman". The PC is able to say that the Mac is "better with creative stuff", but quickly qualifies such behavior as "completely juvenile and a waste of time".

Wait... I thought Apple was the one running the slander campaign?

Speaking of which, Apple and Microsoft really do need some counseling. Some of the 5.5G iPods were released with a virus, which Apple blamed on Microsoft because of its insecure OS. Microsoft, of course, said it was simply Apple's lackluster quality control.

Let me just come out and say it - Apple wouldn't stoop to releasing a device that intentionally included a Windows-only security exploit to "prove a point", would they? I mean, sure, they'll have some lawsuits, but pretty effective marketing move...

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