If you're one of the lucky ones who already scored their 360, come play me on Xbox Live. ( My gamertag is corpcow ).

My RitzCamera pre-order fell through, but I managed to score 2 over-priced bundles through Amazon and Dell. Unfortunately, my impatience led me to open the Core bundle from Amazon the day before the Premium bundle shipped. (It was listed as backordered and wasn't expected to ship for another month!).

Anyways, I ended up selling the second bundle (at cost) to someone I know through work. Oh well, these kids should have a great Christmas. In the meantime, I have to wait on the hard drive since it's backordered everywhere, but I'll deal. (I did want to see how some of the older games looked when upscaled).

The only game I am really any good at is Madden 2006. I've been playing Project Gotham Racing 3, which is fun, but I'm pretty much terrible. Of the maybe 10 races I've done online, I think I've only finished one before time ran out. Ouch.

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