I purchased Newsgator Online in the past because, unlike some, I like having my feeds pulled into Outlook (and thus Exchange). I like using search feeds and colored flags (now colored categories) and I get synchronization - including read/unread status - across all consumers. I have a rich client (Outlook), web-based access (Outlook Web Access), and even mobile access (Outlook Mobile Access + AUTD synchronization). And I get it without introducing additional processes.

Even though I want to, I just can't get excited about the new version of FeedDemon. The software and new UI look excellent, but the synchronization just doesn't work. That is, it synchronizes subscriptions and folders, but not the read status on individual iteams. ( In fairness, it may be a problem with Newsgator Outlook Edition as far as marking things unread, because it doesn't seem to reflect the appropriate status in the online edition when I read in Outlook ).

Either way, though, what's the point? Exchange does a fine job by itself of keeping that in sync, and any productivity I get by using Feed Demon gets lost when I have to sift through things I've already read in Outlook when I don't have FeedDemon installed ( e.g., at work ).

I've already expressed my feelings on Newsgator as a synchronization service. So with all of this in mind, I think it's time to move on when my subscription expires in August....

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